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  • Welcome to the Arcade Shopping Therapy®

3000 XS Edition Jamma Board

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This is the brand new 3000 in 1 XS Edition MultiGameBox. The most advance jamma mulitgame system available

3000 in 1 XS Edition MultiGameBox®

Works in Upright Arcade Cabinet with standard Jamma harness.( Notice : Can't Flip on Cocktail Cabinet ) Installation is so simple. Just Plug and Play into a Horizontal VGA ( 31 K ) Monitor. You'll be up and running in minutes! The setup of this arcade is extremely user friendly. When the cabinet is turned on, a main menu will appear with a screenshot of each game. You simply move the joystick to select a game and press the 1 or 2 player buttonto begin playing the chosen game. At anytime during the active game, the player can return back to main game selection menu by holding in the start button for 3 seconds. The most attractive system is Speed up and Stable Hard Disc technology is used. It's hard knock off. It can Support up to 4 Players via 4 player Connection Cable, which are able to link up together with TWO Cabinet. (Optional) It will provide Endless pure fun for All Ages.


Protect JAMMA I/O from damage of incorrect connection

Use Intel G31 motherboard, Celeron Dual-Core CPU, 1G DDRⅡmemory.

Installed multi game emulators software.

Allow coins inserted before game selection.

After power on player can insert coin at any time

Support 4 people play mode.

Support one game / multi games business mode. 

Support 3D games.

Support video mode: VGA (31KHZ).

Support two-channel stereo audio.

Faster I/O response and more stable system operation.

Classified all games to Stage, Flying/Shooting, Wrestle/Fighting, Maze/Puzzle, Adult, Sport, Misc./Others, and Special/Classical game list.

Each game list can be hided or showed.

Each game in list can be deleted or called back.

Support simple Chinese and English.

Game configurations are adjustable.

Support coin counter.

Set all games coin and credit value by one DIP SW.

Support new games update.