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7 in 1 Retro Console Scart Switcher

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7-in-1 Scart output switcher. Perfect for multiple retro console connections via scart at once.

7 input 1 output slick finish Acrylic Case Video Mini Scart Distributor Converter EUR Automatic switcher Adapter RCA SVHS AV TV Audio Converter Divide


Specification of 7 input 1 output video scart distributor:

Fully automatic identification of 7 groups of SCART interface input European standard,
1 set of RGBS/SCART output splitter, md/sfc/ps123/ss/dc/xbox, etc.
No need for power supply, no need to switch to select automatic identification, whichever machine you want to play with multiple machines


Equipment advantages:


1. It can be supported in a variety of SCART devices, MD / MD2 / SS / PS / PS2 / PS3 / DC / SFC ... .. such as a game console or DVD player.

2. Mechanical testing works, makes the game screen 0 loss, any equipment can be compatible, multiple machines do not have any interference

3. Multiple machine inputs automatic / manual output, solve the trouble of plugging in multiple machines!