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  • Welcome to the Arcade Shopping Therapy®

Jamma Extension Board with 6 Slots (SMART PARTS)

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With the 6 in 1 JAMMA Extention Pcb you can plug up to 6 different Jamma pcbs into your existing cabinet.

6 in 1 JAMMA Extension Pcb

Now you can plug 6 different Jamma pcbs into one cabinet and select the game you want to play with the press of a Remote Control ! To install just plug the extension pcb into your exisiting Jamma harness,then Plug up to 6 Jamma pcb into the extension pcb. This brand new product do not need any extra power supply......simply Plug in your different PCB`s and Play !!!

  • Connects up to 6 Jamma Boards simultaneously
  • Control for easy plate selection
  • Acceess to service and test menus from the control
  • Non need for extra power supply for the 6-in-1 Extension Board

Origin : China / Will be shipped from China