Pseudo SEGA Saturn Kai 8Mb

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Pseudo Sega Saturn KAI. All-in-one 8MB. Speicher.

  • Play Sega Saturn Imported CD games (US/JAPAN/Europe)
  • Works on all SEGA Saturn consoles (US/JAPAN/Europe)
  • Extended ram built in for 1M / 4M games (excluded king of fighter 95 and Ultraman: Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu)
  • 8MB memory ROM 
  • Innovative new PCB feature stable performance
  • Loaded with latest Pseudo kai firmware V6.437
  • Awesome retail box included 


The top selector on card enable the following function

  • (A) Play regular games which not require expansion RAM & gain access to rom feature. PLEASE select P/S
  • (B) Play games which require 1M expansion RAM.  PLEASE select P/1M
  • (C) Play games which require 4M expansion RAM.  PLEASE select P/4M
  • (D) Save ROM management, PLEASE select P/S, hold down "left" shoulder button on controller pad and power on the console
  • E) To enter the Saturn main screen (edit date / time and backup memory, PLEASE select P/S, select "JHL (PS 0.832)", then press and hold "Start+A+B+C buttons on controller at the same time"


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