16A. Arcade Power Supply

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Brand new 16A Standard Arcade Switching Power Supply for your arcade cabinet! Provides a very clean/low-noise standard +5VDC, +12VDC outputs and a switchable 110VAC/220VAC input. A very dependable, reliable, and economical standard arcade power supply you would find in most JAMMA and NON-JAMMA arcade cabinets and cocktail machines.


  • Low Cost, High Reliability
  • High Efficiency
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Does not support -5V.
  • Low Ripple Noise at full loading
  • Low Working Temperature


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DIY Bundle Red Blue Yellow DIY Bundle Red Blue Yellow
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DIY Bundle Yellow DIY Bundle Yellow
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DIY Bundle red DIY Bundle red
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DIY Bundle Red Blue DIY Bundle Red Blue
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DIY Bausatz 1 Black DIY Bausatz 1 Black
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