Raspberry Arcade Bundle

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Raspberry DIY Arcade Bundle. All you need for your Raspberry to Arcade Project is here included. Enjoy high quality arcade parts for secure and long lasting results.

DIY Pack includes :

  • 15 high quality arcade buttons
  • 2 Zippy Arcade Joysticks
  • USB to Arcade Converter




Product Note Status Price
16A. Arcade Power Supply 16A. Arcade Power Supply
Discount Price 38.90 € *
Arcade Speaker 5 Watt Arcade Speaker 5 Watt
5.89 € *
Trumpet net (plastic) Trumpet net (plastic)
4.99 € *
Wireless USB Audio Receiver Wireless USB Audio Receiver
9.80 € *
2.4GHz RII i8 Wireless Smart Keyboard 2.4GHz RII i8 Wireless Smart Keyboard
22.90 € *

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