Hyper Arcade Duo Edition TV Gamebox


Hyper Arcade Duo Edition TV Gamebox

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Brand new 2 Player Multi Arcade TV System with 1162 Game Elf JAMMA Games inside. This is the first independent and full working game station for home use. Simply connect with your TV or LCD screen over the built-in VGA or HDMI Cable and you are ready to go within minutes. No extra configurations required , simply power up and play right off.

The Hyper Arcade® TV GameBox is a proffesional Arcade machine for customers with high expectations. It has everything a standup arcade machine would offer and even more, once it is wonderfully small sized, it has gorgeous asthetics  and  amazing gameplay that the players will notice from the first touch. 

highest Quality Arcade Product that will surely share with you endless hours of pure arcade entertainment right to your living room with  friends and family..... Enjoy

Welcome Hyper TV GameBox®

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Specifications : 

  • 2 Players Arcade Layout
  • 6 Arcade Buttons per Player
  • 1162 in 1 Game Elf inside !
  • Connects exclusively over the built-in VGA Output 
  • 5 meter VGA or HDMI Cable for comfortable distance from the TV or LCD Screen
  • 220V. Power Cable  or 110V. Power Cable for USA customers
  • Works in the US (110V.)

Dimensions : 

  • Height: 18 cm  
  • Width : 54,5 cm 
  • Depth : 32 cm
  • Weight : approx. 9 Kg (without packaging)



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