2mm Plexi Marquees

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2 x 2mm strong  plexiglass plates for the Marquee of your DIY Starcade Bartop Cabinet.

Specifications : 

  • 2 x 2mm Marquee plexiglas plates 
  • are produced according to the dimensions of your Marquee
  • For Upright as well as for Bartop Arcade 


Product Note Status Price
Starcade DIY Bartop Arcade Starcade DIY Bartop Arcade
229.90 € *
3mm Plexi Frontplate 3mm Plexi Frontplate
18.95 € *
3mm Plexi Frontpanel 3mm Plexi Frontpanel
15.95 € *
Arcade Marquee Arcade Marquee
29.90 € *

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