3000 in 1 XS Edition MultiGameBox

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3000 in 1 XS Edition MultiGameBox®

Works in Upright Arcade Cabinet with standard Jamma harness.( Notice : Can't Flip on Cocktail Cabinet ) Installation is so simple. Just Plug and Play into a Horizontal VGA ( 31 K ) Monitor. You'll be up and running in minutes! The setup of this arcade is extremely user friendly. When the cabinet is turned on, a main menu will appear with a screenshot of each game. You simply move the joystick to select a game and press the 1 or 2 player buttonto begin playing the chosen game. At anytime during the active game, the player can return back to main game selection menu by holding in the start button for 3 seconds. The most attractive system is Speed up and Stable Hard Disc technology is used. It's hard knock off. It can Support up to 4 Players via 4 player Connection Cable, which are able to link up together with TWO Cabinet. (Optional) It will provide Endless pure fun for All Ages.



  • Protect JAMMA I/O from damage of incorrect connection
  • Use Intel G31 motherboard, Celeron Dual-Core CPU, 1G DDRⅡmemory.
  • Installed multi game emulators software.
  • Allow coins inserted before game selection.
  • After power on player can insert coin at any time
  • Support 4 people play mode.
  • Support one game / multi games business mode. 
  • Support 3D games.
  • Support video mode: VGA (31KHZ).
  • Support two-channel stereo audio.
  • Faster I/O response and more stable system operation.
  • Classified all games to Stage, Flying/Shooting, Wrestle/Fighting, Maze/Puzzle, Adult, Sport, Misc./Others, and Special/Classical game list.
  • Each game list can be hided or showed.
  • Each game in list can be deleted or called back.
  • Support simple Chinese and English.
  • Game configurations are adjustable.
  • Support coin counter.
  • Set all games coin and credit value by one DIP SW.
  • Support new games update. 




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