Jamma Harness

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Jamma Harness 

Brand new JAMMA wiring harness made of high quality UL1007 wire. All connections to your joystick and push button micro-switches are included and already fully assembled. The wires are all hand soldered through eye-loops to the high quality 56-pin edge connector, and then are fully heat shrink treated for extra protection. 

Product Features:

  • Quick, clean connections with attached .187" Quick Disconnect Terminals.
  • All Power wires use 18AWG wiring / All other wiring uses 22AWG.
  • Fast connection to power supply with attached terminal forks for all voltages (+5VDC, +12VDC, GND).
  • Video signals connect through included standard monitor connector.
  • Full Grounding Loop for all those joystick/button micro-switches on your control panel.



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