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  • Herzlich Willkommen in der Arcade Shopping Therapie®

HitBox Astro City Competition Joystick

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Hit Boxes are a new type of controller developed for modern fighting games with 3D movement (but also for retro 2D games) as retro controllers with sticks or joysticks as up, down, left and right movement controllers are not as accurate as with 2Dgames.

Hit Boxes are a new type of controller developed for modern fighting games with 3D movement in mind (although also for retro 2D games). Hit Box controllers do not have the presence of arcade-sticks because they are not ideal for 3D games and lose accuracy. These controllers feature arcade buttons and a special control panel layout.

A Hitbox arcade control panel is a mix between a conventional arcade stick and a desktop keyboard. Each button corresponds to an in-game action including also the moves of our game character. An Arcade Hit Box is more accurate than a panel mounted with an arcade joystick and adds speed by eliminating the physical travel of our wrist, making it more difficult to make a mistake. We can find Hit Box controllers where the placement of the buttons has a half-moon scheme, being very similar to the WASD layout of a keyboard. However, some users modify or mount these panels to their own liking, hence being a very fun product to mod. This elegant and stylish Hitbox controller has a cover made of plexiglass with the classic SEGA Astro City vinyl design. This design is a tribute to the Japanese Arcade cabinet of the same name released in 1993.

On the base, the Hitbox controller has 6 black anti-slip support pads installed. We can also see 2 slots, for better ventilation of the components, inside the panel. This panel is mounted with 11 Sanwa OBSF-24 push buttons and 1 Sanwa OBSF-30 push button. On the sides of the panel we can see 4 buttons which correspond to: Turbo, Mod, Start and Select. The buttons used for these 4 actions are Baolian buttons with the characteristic "click" sound. Inside the panel we'll find an arcade encoder compatible with PC, Android and Rapberry Pi.

This encoder supports SOCD, UP + DOWN = UP, LEFT + RIGHT = NEUTRAL. Features 4 buttons as direction keys 8 buttons as action buttons 2 side buttons as start and select buttons Original Sanwa OBSF-24 and OBSF-30 buttons Six anti-slip pads on the bottom to make the joystick more stable SOCD support, UP + DOWN = UP, LEFT + RIGHT = NEUTRAL Arcade encoder compatible with PC / Android / Raspberry Pi