Supergun HyperCon V.3

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The HyperCon V.3 Supergun is a Premium Edition of the well known Superguns A product intented for original arcade board lovers.

With the HyperCon V.3 you will be able to connect all your favourite arcade jamma boards directly to a CRT TV or professional video monitor (PVM) via Scart / RGBs / SEGA Saturn RGB.

Play all your favourite arcade boards & systems on a CRT screen. Connect your Standart Jamma Boards, NeoGeo MVS boards, Pandoras Box Pcbs, CPS1, CPS2 & CPS3, Atomiswave System, PGM & PGM2, Namco System SEGA System and lots more.

Features : 

  • Compatible with standard jamma boards, NeoGeo MVS, Pandoras Box, Cps1/2/3, Atomiswave, Pgm & Pgm2, Namco System, Sega System etc.
  • RGBs, Super Video, YCBCR, Video Output
  • 12V./5A. power adapter required (not included)
  • Stereo Audio Amplifier (mono)
  • Up to 6 buttons per player
  • Compatible with NeoGeo D15P & USB Controllers
  • Built-in test button, brightness settings switch & On/Off button


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