XBox 360 to Jamma Converter


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Connect a X-BOX360 to your Jamma cabinet and play games with arcade time mode !!!

The XBox 360 Timer Board will allow you to hook up your X-BOX 36ß console to your Jamma cabinet and play your favourite games by time mode. This is the perfect way to change your X-BOX 360 into a real arcade experience.

  • *  Converts  Xbox 360   as coin operation  arcade game system 
  • *   Built-in the Audio Amplifier, it can drive the speaker directly
  • *  Exports  high quality VGA  singal which supports LCDs and TV screens well
  • *  Optional rebooting console function while Time is out
  • *  Brightness/chroma/contrast on board adjustable;
  • *  2  Coin enter devices supported 
  • *  2 players available , independent/Share mode optional
  • *  Demo Sound: Yes/No optional
  • *  Total coins ammont  display supported
  • * Land of origin: China / Will be shipped by FeDEX Express from Hong Kong



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