Starcade Pie Edition Bartop (MASTERPIECE)

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Starcade Pie® Bartop - Monster Edition with over 12000 ready to play Arcade Games inside !

The Starcade Pie® is the most advanced Arcade Bartop we have ever built. It comes in amazing compact dimensions, but with more than enough space for 2 Players to enjoy their ride  through the 12000 PLUS games it comes with.... We guarantee you , that you will have the biggest and best game collection we ever produced.... Get yours today, and become a proud owner of the Bartop machine that will give you everything you need.  

  • Specifications :
  • 19 inch crystal clear LCD screen
  • 900 in 1 Game Elf inside !
  • 6 Arcade Buttons per Player
  • 2 Player Panel 
  • Arcade Vinyl Stickers
  • External Audio Amplifier (optional)
  • AC Input Voltage : 220 Volts

Dimensions : 

Height : 54cm , Width : 48cm, Depth : 38cm


Important Shipping Information :

The Starcade LED Bartop is a product of our own production line. Therefore we ship immediately from our warehouse straight to any destination within Europe without custom charges or any extra taxes involved. The package will be delivered to you by the EMS courier services without extra charges. 

The brand new Starcade Luxury LED Bartop is shipped worldwide !!!

Contact us if you need any information or further details. We thank you !

European HANDMADE Product !!!


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