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All in 1 Pseudo SEGA Saturn Kai 8Mb

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4 in 1 Pseudo Sega Saturn KAI. All-in-one with 8MB. memory.

4 in 1 Pseudo Sega Saturn KAI. All-in-one with 8MB. memory.

The Pseudo Saturn KAI Sega Cartridge will allow you to load Backups (recorded on CD-R) of any PAL / NTSC region on your beloved Sega Saturn console. It is not neccesary to make any hardware modification to your console, just insert the cartridge and enjoy backup copies of all your favourite games. 

  • Play Sega Saturn Imported CD games (US/JAPAN/Europe)
  • Works on all SEGA Saturn consoles (US/JAPAN/Europe)
  • Extended ram built in for 1M / 4M games (excluded king of fighter 95 and Ultraman: Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu)
  • 8MB memory ROM 
  • Innovative new PCB feature stable performance
  • Loaded with latest Pseudo kai firmware V6.483
  • Awesome retail box included 


The top selector on card enable the following function


  • (A) Play regular games which not require expansion RAM & gain access to rom feature. PLEASE select P/S
  • (B) Play games which require 1M expansion RAM.  PLEASE select P/1M
  • (C) Play games which require 4M expansion RAM.  PLEASE select P/4M
  • (D) Save ROM management, PLEASE select P/S, hold down "left" shoulder button on controller pad and power on the console
  • E) To enter the Saturn main screen (edit date / time and backup memory, PLEASE select P/S, select "JHL (PS 0.832)", then press and hold "Start+A+B+C buttons on controller at the same time"